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The Yoruba Nation Global Directorate is the umbrella body of all self determination groups working assiduously together to achieve the independence and autonomy of the Yoruba land and people from from the present unequal yoke with Nigeria.

Our long desired liberation and self determination is much more complicated than we all know; and no singular group or person can achieve it all alone by working or walking alone. It would be so much easier if life really was divided up neatly between the good and bad; between those trapped and those holding the key. There are certainly times when the fight for freedom is about calling out and challenging “those people.” But true liberation and self determination comes harder than that. It rests with those who have the courage to start with themselves and are ready to work with others — not with men who are more entangled with self seeking agenda than a people's liberation.

Working with others is the first key needed to fight a common battle and deliver the long awaited promised land to all Yoruba people tired and forlorn, seeking a country of their own.

The Yoruba Nation Global Directorate is therefore motivated by the fact that with “good intentions” or “clean hands” all players and stakeholders in the task or fight for Yoruba Nation self determination must understand that, alone, no single group among us will achieve for the Yoruba Nation by itself. But coming together and speaking with one voice, we shall achieve our goal.

We are motivated by the fact that the future of our youths and the unborn is at stake and not a personal ambition of any individual or any self determination group.

Now is the time to stand up and be counted. There is no wisdom in reinventing the wheel.  The train of Yoruba Nation is progressively moving forward to our glorious future. Therefore, we humbly and respectfully call on all Ogo gbogbo Adulawo to strengthen this initiative through the Directorate.  We ask all interest groups and movement to send names of 3 delegates who will represent their group to this coalition.


May God put an end to all spirit of division and retrogression in Yoruba Nation.


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