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National Association of Oduduwa Student (NAOS)

Emeritus Professor Pa Stephen Adebanji Akintoye

On Chanel TV, reading letter from the Fulani terrorists on their intent to wage war on Nigeria

National Association of Oduduwa Student

National Association of Oduduwa Student (NAOS) is a non-profit organization founded on integrity. The Organization is made up of an exceptional body of young patriotic intellectuals whose concern for Yoruba students both home and abroad is foremost; an active group that studies Yoruba student’s situation, realizing the imperative need to take up responsibility as potential future Yoruba leaders.

The driving zeal is fueled by a strong patriotic spirit and a sincere desire to impact the Yoruba nation with the vigor of our cultural youthful life.

The organization proceeds with a system where a set of core values are laid as the basis for leadership towards achieving the set of objectives of our mission statement.

  • We acknowledge the Yoruba race, despite being a wealthy nation both intellectual and mineral resources, is currently distressed with multidimensional problems.

  • We engage in a nonstop process of identifying and understanding the cause and serving as the bridge builder providing youthful solutions to solving our identified problems.

  • We brainstorm on contemporary solutions that may be proffered to manage, minimize and totally eradicate the problems. Bearing in mind their various forms and modes of manifestation and marrying our ideas with previous and current governmental efforts.

  • We research and analyze the effectiveness, efficiency and feasibility of our ideas.

  • We brainstorm strategies and methodologies to be implemented.

  • We present a profound solution and a model of proposed answers.