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The Nigeria Military Invasion of Orlu

A Press Release by Yoruba Nation Broadcasting Services

The Yoruba Nation Global Directorate views with dismay the rumoured memo by the Attorney General of the Federation, Malami SAN, advising Gen Buhari to do what he knows how to do best, that is, inciting the military to take over the government is unreasonable and stupid. The Yọruba nation will resist any such move on its territory. However, we urge our people to remain calm.

However, the military should respect the tenets of democracy and civility by not allowing itself to be unnecessarily used  by the  political class.

The aggressive acts of the Nigerian military under the leadership of General Mohammed Buhari hasn't gone unnoticed by the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate.  

The Directorate, a creation of Coalition of Yoruba Interests Groups being a mouthpiece for the Yoruba Nation has described the invasion, killings and amputations of innocent people of Orlu in Imo State, Southeast as callous, mean and a trademark of the murderous Fulani instinct which is now apparent to the world at large.

The Directorate roundly condemns the military shooting, maiming and killing of  defenseless children, women and civilians as barbaric and a violation of international conventions, treaties and norms expected in a decent clime.

The Directorate further expressed disappointment at the statement ascribed to
Mohammed Buhari saying "he will deal with those who never witnessed the Nigeria civil war in a language they understand'

And although Nigerian constitution 1999 as amended has been strongly repudiated. General Mohammed Buhari (rtd) has no decency to respect those who brought him to power by ensuring adequate protection of their lives and properties.