Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination

To promote and foster self-determination of the indigenous peoples of the target area, in particular and among ethnic nationalities which inhabit other parts of the colonial creation that metamorphosed to become the Nigerian state of today.

What is NINAS?

To fully understand NINAS, we need to first talk about the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN), which is an Alliance comprising of Middle Belt Congress (MBC), Ilana Omo Oodua (IOO – the Yoruba), and Lower Niger Congress (LNC). Although each group work separately in their Blocs, they come together as the MNN Alliance. It is this MNN Alliance that is the custodian of our strategy, the pathway for us to achieve self-determination and independence, that is: FREEDOM!

NINAS stands for the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination and is the multi-ethnic alliance of the indigenous peoples of the Middle Belt (part of the former Northern Region), the Yoruba people (the former Western Region) and the Lower Niger (Former Eastern & Mid-Western Regions).

A simple working knowledge for MNN and NINAS can be put this way:


MNN is the Alliance of the three PLATFORMS (MBC, IOO and LNC) that are the keepers/custodians of the self-determination Strategy.NINAS is the Alliance of the indigenous PEOPLES of Middle Belt, Oodua and Lower Niger Blocs seeking self-determination for each ethnic nationality.


NINAS tells all self determination groups that No More Elections Until Conditions Are Met – NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure.

If you desire Freedom and want an end to the Toxic 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, along with the Unitary Union of Death it foists, NINAS invites you to Sign this Petition and become a Signatory to the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure. Share very widely.

The Yoruba Nation Global Directorate supports NINAS in the bid to achieving the idegenous people's self determination. This process will lead to referendum and all regions will vote to determine their own fate and autonomy.