Oodua Action Movement

Emeritus Professor Pa Stephen Adebanji Akintoye

On Chanel TV, reading letter from the Fulani terrorists on their intent to wage war on Nigeria

Oodua Action Movement

The Oodua Action Movement is an autonomous, self-determining group for the people of Oduduwa, a nation built on strong democratic values and institutions,  with supremacy of the rule of law, social and economic justice for all. A nation where every citizen is valued and can live a productive life to realize their full potentials, irrespective of creed, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Their mission is to speak with one determined voice to demand our rights to own our destiny, through civil means and peaceful negotiations with local and international governments and institutions.

In their own words, the guiding principles of the OAM include the following:

  • We are ONE united and indivisible people, so we shall work together to achieve our aim

  • Our cause is Not negotiable, we shall prove our case through PEACEFUL & CIVIL means, without violence or animosity to other ethnic groups or peoples

  • We are pan Yoruba, no interested person of Oduduwa origin is excluded from the cause to actualize a nation for the people of Oduduwa

  • We believe in Oduduwa nation, an entity that works for everyone not just a few. And we shall work relentlessly towards achieving that nation.

They are united with the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate in demanding our rights to self-determination. Oodua Action Movement is embarking on a journey to kick-start civil, non-violent activities in line with international laws and norms to gain freedom for Yorubaland and ensure that our rich natural resources are used to improve the quality of life of our people. 

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