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We have no doubt that you are abreast of the developments in our homeland, both the negatives and positives. The terrorism by heavily-armed Fulani marauders and militias have led to the killing of thousands of our people, the raping of our women, the abandonment of farming by a large number of our farmers as a result of the destruction of our farmlands by the Fulani, the kidnapping of countless persons and the extortion of a large amount of money for ransom.

It is time for us to decide, and the decision is for you. Most of our people have decided that we must defend and preserve our ancestral homeland and that the ultimate recourse to achieving this is to assert our Nation’s self-determination. But we must immediately embark on the way and means. We know that àgbájọọwọ́ni a fí n sọ̀’yà, ọwọ́kan kò gbé ẹrù dé orí. This is why we feel it is imperative to write you to join hands with the rest of us so that we may become a formidable team with indomitable
spirit for the liberation and upliftment of our fatherland.

We Yoruba have already created very many response organizations. But through all these organizations have the same goal of defending our nation and asserting its self-determination, the lack of joint or collaborative action among them tends to suggest that the Yoruba Nation could hardly speak with one voice. We must not let this
impression continue.

After carefully looking at the situation, we are spurred by the emergency facing our Nation, and we have come to the conclusion to create a Shadow government. We commenced on the premise that our beginning was little, but our latter days shall be greater It has been a daunting or say herculean task for the interests groups that conceptualized the vision.
Unfortunately, hitherto, the existence of these many organizations has tended to create the sad impression that we Yoruba cannot speak with one voice. To the International community, especially in some international agencies, the coming of different letters from different Yoruba organizations is already beginning to create the impression that we Yoruba are not a serious people. We owe our nation and the future the duty of eliminating that impression. At home and abroad, we must now
proceed to establish formats for the collaboration of our many organizations, so that our nation may be able to speak with one voice.

It is our humble belief that Yoruba people can surmount obstacles when we come together as òṣùṣùowọ̀ to confront the Fulani incursion, usurpation of our fatherland, and any other development challenges we may have.

It goes without saying that the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate is open to all. There is room for everyone as we have offices and parliamentarian positions yet to be filled up. Many groups have already committed to this project, but they have decided to wait for the rest of our organizations before proceeding to set up the envisaged structures and institutions of collaboration among all other organizations.

We have also reached many of our Yoruba elders to explain to them our intentions and modes of procedure in this matter. Happily, they have commended our thinking and our efforts and pledged their support.
Please take steps to get included. This is a family venture, and we look forward to holding your hand in the family circle.

We look forward to holding your hands. Oòduà á gbè wá o!

A Coalition of and for All

A Clarion Call

The Yoruba Nation Global Directorate is called SHADOW Government with implicit purpose and meaning.

We recognize the assiduous efforts of all compatriots and groups; but we have been, beyond argument, the most focused, disciplined, organized and visionary outfit coordinating all Self-Determination efforts.

Emeritus Professor Pa Stephen Adebanji Akintoye was part of its set up by many distinguished professionals in Diaspora. Professor Akintoye has great hopes for and in the organization and its sponsors, and has made unequivocal public endorsement of the directorate.

We are an Organization of serious-minded Yoruba sons and daughters, home and abroad, who believe in action rather than loquacity. We make the most use of social media as a necessary tool of/for information and mobilization.

It is a place to be for true Yoruba Patriots and all of us should support them in whatever way we can by donating to this effort.

A Dire Hour

We wish all Yoruba Self-Determination groups no matter how great and small understand and accept these dire hours in the existence of the Yoruba Ethnic Nationality as a time when all hands must be on deck, a time when we must speak with one voice like a Yoruba Official Delegation to a Foreign land.


It is with this in mind that the need for having a Government in Exile cannot be over- emphasized.

The Yoruba Global Directorate which doubles as the Yoruba Government in Exile is synonymous with other Governments in Exile that had played pivotal roles in numerous success stories of Self-Determination around the world.

This is why all Yoruba sons and daughters were and are invited to ensure representation and contribute to the advancement of the cause of the struggle to break the Yoruba Nation out of the strangle-hold of underdevelopment occasioned by oppression and suppression to say the least.

Let all our voices for freedom be heard in High Heavens.  These things are not achievable without both human and material resources.

Let us all support the Yoruba Government in Exile with our ALL .  

We shall all dance to the drums of celebration of Our Yoruba Nation No one will be left out. 

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